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Drum & Dance Workshop Today

Greetings family, Today begins the three part drum & dance workshop series at Howe Library in Albany, New York! I am super excited to be sharing what I've been studying and learned in Guinea and Senegal this past January with my community. The classes are from 6:00pm-7:30pm and free to the public! If you have a drum you can bring one as there will be a limited supply of drums. You can still RSVP Here!

Troupe Allalake from West Africa

There is a small village in Africa full of artists committed to sharing the music, dance, and culture of their ancestors. Roughly 5 hours from the big city of Dakar the beautiful village known as 'Toubakouta' is full of musicians, dancers, and troupes, one of which you'd most likely hear and see is 'Troupe Allalake.' The night before we were getting ready to leave the group had a show which was full of singing, drumming, and dance. The show was nothing less of spectacular.

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