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Bring the electrifying energy of Jordan Taylor Hill to your event! Specializing in West African drum and dance, hip-hop, and afrofuturistic rhythms, I offer performances and workshops that transcend the ordinary. Let's create an unforgettable experience together.

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Ready to elevate your event with Jordan Taylor Hill's electrifying performances? Here’s how to get started: Fill in your details: Provide your full name and contact information for us to reach you. Event Details: Describe your event, including the type of event (e.g., corporate function, educational workshop, private celebration), expected number of attendees, and any specific requests or themes. Budget Information: Enter your budget range or type 'Flexible' if you're open to discussion. This helps us tailor the experience to your needs. Select Dates and Times: Choose your preferred date and time for the event. If you're flexible or considering multiple dates, please mention this in the message section. Hit 'Submit': Once you're ready, send us your inquiry. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further details and confirm your booking. Feel free to ask any questions or share additional information that could help us make your event unforgettable!

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Book Your Artistic Experience Now with Jordan Taylor Hill and immerse yourself in a world where traditional rhythms meet modern beats. Whether you're looking to captivate an audience, educate through the arts, or simply celebrate, Jordan's offerings are designed to deliver an unparalleled experience. Live Performances: Jordan brings a vibrant energy to every stage, captivating audiences with a fusion of West African drumming, dance, and original music. Perfect for festivals, corporate events, and private parties seeking a unique entertainment option. Educational Workshops: Dive deep into the traditions of African drum and dance. Ideal for schools, universities, and community groups, these workshops offer a hands-on learning experience that's both informative and engaging. Keynote Talks: Looking for an inspiring speaker? Jordan shares his journey and insights on the transformative power of music and dance across cultures, motivating audiences of all ages. Special Packages: Customize your experience with tailored packages that can include a mix of performances, workshops, and talks to suit your event's needs. Discover the fusion of cultures, rhythms, and stories with Jordan Taylor Hill. Start planning your unforgettable artistic journey today!

What to Expect Q: How do I book Jordan for an event? A: Fill out the booking form above with details about your event, including the date, number of attendees, and any specific requests. Jordan or his team will get back to you via email to discuss further details and availability. Q: What kind of events does Jordan perform at? A: Jordan offers dynamic performances and workshops for a variety of events, including educational sessions, corporate events, festivals, private gatherings, and more. Each event is uniquely tailored to create an unforgettable experience. Q: Are there any preparation requirements for hosting a workshop? A: For workshops, a space conducive to movement and engagement is ideal. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable attire and bring their own drums if available, though Jordan can provide a limited number of instruments upon request. Q: What are Jordan's rates? A: Rates vary based on the type of event, duration, and specific requirements. Please provide a budget range in your booking inquiry, or state 'Flexible' if you're unsure. This will help us tailor a proposal that meets your needs. Q: How far in advance should I book? A: We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for dates in high demand. A minimum of 4 weeks notice allows for ample preparation to ensure a high-quality performance or workshop.

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