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Support My Journey Back to Guinea Conakry For Study

Hey everyone,

It's Jordan here, reaching out to share an exciting new chapter in my musical journey. I'm gearing up for a transformative trip back to Guinea Conakry, where I'll be diving deep into the heart of traditional drumming and dance. This isn't just a trip; it's an exploration into the roots of rhythm that inspire my music.

But here's where I need your help. To make this journey a reality, I'm raising $6,000. This will cover intensive study sessions, conferences, and workshops with some of the most renowned artists and teachers in Guinea.

Here's What's In Store for My Supporters:

  • For donations of $500, I'm offering a 60-90 minute workshop (virtual or in-person) upon my return. It's a chance for us and you or group to connect and share the experience.

  • Plus, I'll be recording a vinyl of a song of your choice as a special thank you. And yes, some exclusive merch is on its way too!

Every bit of support counts, and I'm beyond grateful for the love and energy you've all shown me so far. Let's make this happen and continue this rhythmical journey together!

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