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Meet Jordan Taylor Hill: A dynamic American artist and songwriter, channeling the spirit of West Africa through traditional music and dance.

"Life's Dance" by Jordan Taylor Hill

Embrace the captivating blend of Amapiano vibes and introspective lyricism in "Life's Dance." This track is a mesmerizing tapestry of South African house beats and soul-stirring words, offering a musical escape that moves both body and mind. Jordan Taylor Hill's artistry shines, weaving a narrative of life's ebbs and flows through rhythm and rhyme. "Life's Dance" isn't just a song; it's an experience that invites you to dance through the complexities of existence.

Jordan's travels and immersive studies enrich his artistic expression, fusing Hip-Hop, and the resonating rhythms of African drums. His unique style positions him at the vanguard of afrofuturistic music, as a rising star whose sound is truly one-of-a-kind.


Experience the power of Jordan's performances, workshops, or classes.


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"I Wanna Know" by Jordan Taylor Hill


Dive into the vibrant fusion of Afrobeat rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics with "I Wanna Know." This track masterfully marries danceable drums with potent verses, inviting listeners to groove while they reflect. A sonic journey from the heart of Africa to contemporary beats, "I Wanna Know" stands as a testament to Jordan's unique artistic vision.

Don't just listen—feel the rhythm, and let the lyrics resonate.



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Through These Eyes

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Che Che Kule
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Che Che Kule

Jordan Taylor Hill offers a versatile range of performance styles, from solo acts that captivate for 30 to 60 minutes to short dynamic acts that set the tone for any event. He's not just about music; he's also a storyteller, bridging cultures through keynote talks and demonstrations about the crucial role of music, dance, and culture in our global society.


Engage. Learn. Express. Delve deep into the rhythm and spirit of Africa and its diaspora with Jordan Taylor Hill's workshops. Whether it's drumming, dancing, or a blend of both, Jordan tailors his workshops to fit the unique needs of your business.

  • Duration: Tailored sessions from 45 minutes up to an hour, with extended or multiple sessions available upon request.

  • Preparation: Participants are advised to wear comfortable attire conducive for movement. While Jordan brings the heart of the performance, participants can elevate the experience by bringing their own hand drums or related African-diasporic percussion instruments.

  • Past Collaborations: Proud to have conducted workshops for esteemed institutions such as the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, and Union College.

Tap In To Tradition -- Book A Session

Warm Up With Kids _ Barker Park

Support the Arts, Empower Education, and Uplift Black Artists

Embarking on a profound journey, I aim to delve deeper into the rich rhythms of West Africa. Your support isn't just about funding my studies; it's a stand for the arts, an investment in education, and a beacon for Black artists everywhere.

By contributing, you are:

  • Celebrating and Preserving the Arts: This exploration will lead to more music, dance, and cultural bridge-building, ensuring that these ancient rhythms continue to echo in contemporary beats.

  • Championing Educators: The knowledge gained will enhance my workshops, helping educators and students alike immerse in the potent blend of history, music, and movement.

  • Elevating Black Artists: In a world where representation matters, your contribution directly nurtures the growth and visibility of Black artists.

Join me in this pivotal chapter, as we fortify the arts, enrich educational experiences, and amplify the voices of Black creatives.

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Leesta Vall Project is a unique, direct-to-vinyl recording experience where Jordan Taylor Hill pioneers the sounds of afrofuturistic music, capturing each performance in its raw and resonating authenticity.

Leesta Vall Preorder.jpg

Experience music like never before with the Leesta Vall Project. Each recording is a one-of-a-kind auditory masterpiece, capturing Jordan Taylor Hill's distinct afrofuturistic vibes. Be among an exclusive group to own a personalized copy, cherishing your favorite tracks in a truly unique way. It's more than just music; it's a tangible piece of artistry, allowing you to memorialize a song in physical form, adding a touch of timeless aesthetic to your personal collection.

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