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Show: St. Rose Friday [6.22] 7:30pm

Movie Under The Stars Just wanted to let you know we’ll be playing live music at St. Rose tomorrow before Lion King as a part of the Movie Under The Starts Series. The music starts at 7:30pm and the starts st 8:30pm. If you’re in Albany come through! Or tell a friend! Music Under The Stars in partnership with Christ Church Albany, Albany Public Library, Pine Hills Neighbor Association, Lark St. BIID, and the Helderberg Neighborhood Association. Pictured: Jordan Taylor Hill, Trustin Tolliver, and Howard Underwood (left to right)

Live: Take It There (Tulip Festival 2018)

This was a live version of ‘Take It There’ with Artist Danielle Colin share a piece in response to the idea of the ‘Angry Black Woman’. Shout out to all the artists performing including Phylicia Coley on keys, Josh Gruft on Drums, Howard Underwood on percussion, and Trustin Shamel Toliver on Maracas. You can check out the video here.

Live: Sunkissed at Albany Urban Arts Gallery Featuring D. Colin & Adrian Lewis

Coming off Tulip Fest 2018; working with artists in the area has been amazing. This song 'Sunkissed' has taken so many different forms and I am very settled in the idea that this may continue. I always say its interesting to see the life of a song from various studio versions, live performances, acoustics, or even rehearsals. Some of my favorite artists often share the process and I believe it just makes the connection so much better. I hope you enjoy this version featuring Danielle Colin and the talented Adrian Lewis on Guitar.

Live: Black Notes At Albany Urban Arts Gallery

Artists Danielle Colin and Robert Cooper put a show together at the Albany Urban Arts Gallery on South Pearl Street. We kicked off the evening with some poetry, percussion, and soul music. It was a great evening (If I may say so). Here is an impromptu cipher we had with some percussion and poetry. Video shot by Aaron Moore There are also some beautiful pieces by both artists on display for the next two weeks you can check out in celebration of Black Music Appreciation Month.

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