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Be Free (Single)

I wrote this song Be Free sometime last spring from a rhythm I put down on my first Cajon. It's been out on most platforms but I haven't promoted it so here it is! Hope you enjoy. Be Free written and produced by yours truly!

One Thing

New freestyle produced by yours truly. Listen to 'One Thing' Now

Take It There (Single)

I wrote this song after putting the music together and wanted to sort of tell a bit of my story as a youth on Long Island. Writing and recording it was such a therapeutic experience that I almost forgot about the last part which is sharing with the world. Hope you enjoy the song. Click to Listen now!

Throwback Thursday: Kyami + Jordan Taylor Hill on WCDB

This past Fall I had the pleasure of having singer/songwriter/guitarist Kyami in the studio with me. We talked a lot about music influences, the creative process, and even had an impromptu cipher with her on guitar while I played Cajon. You can check out the highlight here.

On The Go!

We were down at Howard's back and fourth jamming and caught some moments on Facebook live. Here was one of the clips. I'm playing Djembe just outside the camera by the way LOL. From Left to Right is Howard Underwood, Ron Freeman, Vicente Alfonso and I. Hope you enjoy the sounds even when the video may not be the best Much love

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