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Real (Single)

Heres a new song titled 'Real' I wrote and produced. It's an uptempo Afrobeat inspired instrumental with a new style of flowing to the music I was grooving to. You can take listen download/stream/purchase today! Hope you enjoy it. Photo Credit: Kenneth Newman

Mendiani Patterns (Dununs)

I’ve heard/seen a few different varieties of this Malinke Rhythm ‘Mendiani’ from dancers, teachers and friends far and near. I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Leave a comment in the video with any story or feedback into your experience or just let me know what you think! Please enjoy. Also I’ll be in Boston tomorrow for Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts so if you are in the area come on out! I’ll do my best to document. Be well✌🏾 Mendiani Dunun

Nowhere (Open Mic) Poetic Vibe 2018

Greetings, I hope the new year has brought in good health, company and prosperity for you and your dearest. I usually do some sort of resolution/reflection/intention setting around the Winter Solstice that continues throughout the season and year. This time around it's to workout a minimum 3/4 days a week, write/share more music, and improve my storytelling. My first 'performance' was at the very first Poetic Vibe Open Mic at Troy Kitchen that actually went down yesterday. Ill say it was quite an evening! I shared a new song called 'Nowhere' you can listen and watch now. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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